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The Rashtrakutas were of Kannada origin and Kannada language was their mother tongue.Rashtrakutas built an empire which in the days of greatness extended from Malwa (central India) and Gujrath to Tanjore in south, effectively covering whole of south.All cabinet ministers had been well versed in political science (Rajneeti) and possessed military training.Pearls, gold, dates from Arabia, slaves, Italian wines, tin, lead, topaz, storax, sweet clover, flint glass, antimony, gold and silver coins, singing boys and girls (for the entertainment of the royalty) from other lands numbered among its major imports.

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Other ruling Rashtrakuta clans from the same period mentioned in inscriptions had been the kings of Achalapur, modern Elichpur in Maharashtra and the rulers of Kannauj.

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King Krishna I commissioned the Kailasanath Temple project after the Rashtrakuta rule had spread into South India from the Deccan, using the Dravidian architectural style.

Reu, Pandit Bisheshwar Nath History of the Rashtrakutas (Rathodas).Famous scholars wrote on secular subjects such as mathematics.Palas and Rashtrakutas. which has been incorporated as a legend on some of his coins.Somadevasuri of 950 wrote in the court of Arikesari II, a feudatory of Rashtrakuta Krishna III in Vemulavada.The Rashtrakutas: Dhruva.M.-3 Ancient History. First Pandyan Empire.Authority for issuing coins in.

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Prosperous kingdoms like the Cholas and Rashtrakutas flourished in the.Indian History Part 30 Section III: THE GAHADAVALAS OF. there is no doubt that the kingdom of Kanauj was ruled by the Rashtrakutas from.Several controversies exist regarding the origin of these early Rashtrakutas,. milestone in the history of South India and a. and copper coins,.Dictionary of Languages: The Definitive Reference to More Than 400 Languages.The origin of Rashtrakuta dynasty has been a controversial topic.An examination of inscriptions from that period shows that the Kavya (classical) style of writing had been popular.

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The approximate geographical locations of where the coins were issued can be seen on this map (identify coins by their coin numbers).The differing opinions mostly revolve around issues such as the home of the earliest ancestors of the medieval Rashtrakutas,. facts it is claimed. coins of King.The Rashtrakuta Dynasty India. Its major imports were gold and silver coins, antimony,.

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He earned the title Ubhaya Kavichakravathi (supreme poet in two languages) for his command over both Kannada and Sanskrit.

Perhaps Elichpur remained capital until Amoghavarsha I built Manyakheta.The killing of a Brahmin in medieval Hindu India had been considered a heinous crime.Several coins of the Badami Chalukyas with Kannada legends have been found.The next prominent mention of the Reddis seems to be during the rise of the Rashtrakutas.

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The Language of the Gods in the World of Men: Sanskrit, Culture, and Power in Premodern India. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.Cotton constituted the chief crop of the regions of southern Gujarat, Khandesh and Berar.

Some early Kadamba Dynasty coins bearing the Kannada. 9th century old Kannada inscription of Rashtrakutas at.The successor of Govinda III, Amoghavarsha I made Manyakheta his capital and ruled a large empire.The earliest known Rashtrakuta inscription comes from a seventh century copper plate grant that mentions their rule from Manpur in the Malwa region of modern Madhya Pradesh.Chopra, Ravindran, Subrahmanian, P.N., T.K., N. History of South India (Ancient, Medieval and Modern).Ancient India glossary. From. Coins made of metal first. was the third power involved in the three-sided conflict between Rashtrakutas and Pratiharas.


At their peak the Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta ruled a vast empire stretching from the Ganga River and Yamuna River doab in the north to Cape Comorin in the south, a fruitful time of political expansion, architectural achievements and famous literary contributions.

He enriched the arts, literature and religion during his reign.Inscriptions and other literary records show the Rashtrakutas selected the crown prince based on heredity.The Rashtrakuta army consisted of large contingents of infantry, horsemen, and elephants.Natural and agricultural produce, manufacturing revenues and moneys gained from its conquests sustained the Rashtrakuta economy.The Shilaharas of South Konkan were the vassals of Rashtrakutas and ruled from 765.A Mahasamantha signified a feudatory or higher ranking regal officer.

In some cases, women supervised significant areas as when Revakanimaddi, daughter of Amoghavarsha I, administered Edathore Vishaya.Educational institutions and places of higher learning (ghatikas) taught in Sanskrit, the language of the learned Brahmins, while Kannada increasingly became the speech of personal expression of devotional closeness of a worshiper to a private deity.The Rise and Decline of Buddhism in India. (Munshiram Manoharlal: South Asia Books, 1995.

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